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Launch article: Quran and the coming into existence of the universe

How the Quran stating the age of the earth and universe became our driving motivation to build this platform. Read more to learn “why?”

Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed us to uncover this miracle in the Quran a couple of years ago that wasn?t uncovered before and after careful analysis over the last two years, this has been finally understood and is our driving force for our work, Mashallah! (as Allah wills). Feel free to use this article in your own works and link back to help us to support our brothers, sisters, and cousins as we grow this space for our community! 

It is because of two non-Muslim friends I found my way and discovered this: Britta and Martin, thanks: may Allah guide them too.

The Quran shares with the Bible the idea that the heavens and earth were created in six days. However, God goes further in the Quran and states that the heavens and earth was created in six days Allah says (Quran 50:38) ?and certainly we created the heavens and the earth and whatever between both of them in six days?

and that the earth was created by God, Allah, in two days (Quran 41:9): ?Say (Muhammad): Do you indeed disbelieve in the one who created the earth in two days and you set up with him rivals? That is the lord of the worlds?

that the sustenance was determined in four days  (Quran 41:10) And he placed therein firmly-set mountains above it and he blessed therein and determined therein its sustenance in four days equal, for those who ask.

That he gave a command for the heavens and the earth  to come into being (Quran 41:11) Moreover He directed (himself) towards the heaven while it (was) smoke, and he said to it and to the earth ?come both of you willingly or unwillingly? They both said ?we come willingly? 

and the heavens were completed in two days (Quran 41:12) Then he completed them as seven heavens in two days and he revealed in each heaven its affair. And we adorned the heaven, the world, with lamps and to guard. That is the decree of the all-mighty, the all-knower.

These revealed verses set the stage for comparison with scientific data. Before we continue lets just make clear that the data mentioned was not possibly known to an illiterate raised an orphan in a largely isolated community that had no access to books let alone scientific instruments like satellites. This fuller data did not even exist in other communities and their scripture. The concept of a "day" in the Quranic account can have different meanings depending on the specific context mentioned by Allah. 

Scientific measurements have concluded that the universe is around 13.8 billion years old, and the Earth is around 4.54 billion years old. By estimating that each day in the Quran is measured as 2.3 billion earth years, from the universe being 13.8 billion years, the ratio of 6:2 can be calculated, indicating that the universe was formed over 6 periods of 2.3 billion earth years each, and the Earth over 2 periods of earth years each. This correlates strongly with scientific data that the earth is near 4.54 billion years old and the universe being 13.8 billion years old. The Earth's sustenance was pre-determined (destined in) over four days before it began to be created, which can be added to the ratio of 6:2. If we add four days to the two days of Earth's creation, the total ratio becomes 6:4+2. Thus the Quran nearly accurately indicates the age of the universe and the earth and stages of creation ? less some for rounding up by 1 day as stated by god. 

The available quranic evidence strongly supports the scientific evidence that the Earth is billions of years old, and that it has undergone significant changes and transformations over the course of its existence. Although there are some verses that may seem to indicate that the Quran contradicts scientific theories by appearing to suggest the sky was created after the mountains, it is worth noting that Allah sometimes uses the "wa" word meaning ?and? and/or the "thumma" word meaning ?then? or ?moreover? to indicate that the events mentioned in the Quran are not necessarily mentioned in chronological order ? this is especially relevant as the Quran was not revealed in chronological order. 

Overall, the Quran's account of the coming into being of the universe and earth after Allah said ?come into being whether willing or unwillingly? and he was responded to by the heavens and the earth saying ?we come willingly? can be compared with modern scientific data, showing that religion, at least Islam anyway, and science can coexist and complement each other. This is especially evident because commanding the heavens and the earth to ?come? into being indicates that the matter that Allah split asunder (supported by science) to smoke (supported by science) when it was joined together had to undergo movement to come into formation the same way someone you say to ?come over here? must move into the area (which is also supported by science and indicates it took time and it was on its own account).
What better way for Allah to show us the path to build this platform?
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